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Finally the LAM-HAMMER!!*
A new tool has been developed for installing  interlocking laminate flooring.   Glueless  laminate flooring is a breeze to install, except for the last piece in every row.  This is the common headache that can cost you time and money to install correctly.   The Lam-Hammer makes these end pieces as easy to install as the rest of the floor! 

Conventional laminate floor tools consist of a pry bar or a pull bar  used with a hammer  that  can  chip  or  dent the plasterboard  or  face of a cabinet.    Now there is a much safer and easier way to get the job done!

 What the Lam-Hammer does:

  • The  Lam-Hammer  aids  the installation of the last board  on a  run,  against  the  wall  or  under  the cabinet toe kick.
  • The  Lam-Hammer puts an end to nail pops on the wall from conventional pry-bar pressure.
  • The Lam-Hammer eliminates crushed plasterboard (which  cannot  be  covered  by  the  baseboard).
  • The  Lam-Hammer  ends  costly  plasterboard and cabinet-base repairs.
  • The Lam-Hammer replaces the pull bar and hammer.


The Lam-Hammer is manufactured entirely in the United States.   It  is made of high-quality steel  except for the stabilizer  ring,  which  is  polypropylene.    The steel  is powder-coated  for long-lasting protection against rust.  The  Standard  model  weighs  5 lbs. and  is  perfect for laminate floors. We now have heavier models (the Atlas - 6 lbs. and the Titan - 7 lbs.)   for engineered floors.   We  also  have  6", 9" and 12" Extensions for extremely tight places such as beneath radiators or dishwashers.  A Tapping Block measuring 3" x 6-1/2" x 3/4" is available for use in the field.

Who should use this tool?
If you are trying to install laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, and don't want to run into common floor installation mistakes, this is the tool for you.  Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person (DIY), or just unsure how to install laminate flooring?  Purchase this flooring tool and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Where to find the Lam-Hammer:
The Lam-Hammer may be purchased directly from us, or through a distributor or rental store.  Check our directory for a source near you. NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE AT WWW.HOMEDEPOT.COM.

Lam-Hammer brochure: Check out our latest PDF brochure about Lam-Hammer Product Line. click here to download pdf version


* Patent US 7,398,628, B2

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