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"As a licensed flooring contractor and an independent flooring inspector, I have seen numerous claims concerning gapping end joints in laminate and floating hardwood flooring. This condition is caused by over-driving the tongue into the groove. This fractures the retention bar on the underside of the groove compromising the manufacturer's locking mechanism. The Lam-Hammer, when correctly used, will eliminate this issue. It also allows the engagement of the tongue and groove in areas where a tapping block cannot be used. Another benefit is the time saved during installation. This tool is a must for all installers, professional or amateur.

       David W Goldsberry, DG FLooring Specialists
               Chatsworth, California

"We actually cannot fathom how we would have installed this floor without the Lam-Hammer. Once you get to the wall, it is a must-have tool to tap it in the rest of the way. We also cut a few boards too short (28-ft room) - definitely helped us fix our mistakes.     Completely impressed with this tool in every way . . ."
                Jeremy Hollingsworth - Extreme How-To magazine

"We just wanted to write a note to you about how wonderful the Lam-Hammer tool is for do-it-yourself homeowners like us. We installed 1200 square feet of laminate tap-and-click wood flooring and without your wonderful product we would probably still be tapping and clicking away right now. However, with the use of the Lam-Hammer, we were able to finish the job in just three weekends. Tapping in those end plank boards was a breeze with the Lam-Hammer . . ."
                 Angie and Glenn Brown - Eureka, CA

"Marketed for floating flooring installations, I find the Lam-Hammer most useful to me with all wood and laminate flooring installations, including nail- or staple-down and especially glue-down wood flooring. Its versatility is unmatched by any tool or combination of tools on the market for its use, in today's fast-paced, hurry-up schedules and deadlines."
               Perry Wright - Floor Covering Installer magazine

"The Lam-Hammer was wonderful! I'm not a handy person whatsoever, but I was able to get my flooring in really easily even under baseboard heaters because of it . . .It is really cool . . ."
              Misty - Caller on the "On The House" radio program

"The use of your tool improved our efficiency and quality by 30% or more. The Lam-Hammer outperformed all of the other tools used for the job, including pull bars and crowbars . . . with the Lam-Hammer, my teams completed 290 condos with zero damage and I'm very impressed!"
              Sam DiMaggio - "The Floor Guys", Monroe, WA

"Yeah, and let me say DAMN! That's a sweet ass tool!"
             Chris Beaupre on Facebook




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